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2x Ice Cube Trays for Recovery Tub

2x Ice Cube Trays for Recovery Tub

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Enhance your ice bath experience with the Ice Cube Trays from Coldspring. These specially designed ice cube trays are the perfect accessory to ensure your Recovery Tub stays at the optimal temperature for the ultimate cold therapy session.

Silicone ice tray with space for 6 large ice cubes, approximately 5 x 5 cm. Ice cube trays are ideal when you need to fill up your ice bath. With our ice cube trays, you pour water into them and then store them in the freezer until your ice bath is ready to be used.

The Coldspring Recovery Tub features three thermal-insulating layers to prolong the time the water maintains a specific temperature, so we recommend adding ice as needed.

Features and benefits:

  • Large ice cubes: Each tray is designed to produce large ice cubes that melt slowly, ensuring your ice bath maintains a consistent temperature for longer periods.
  • Durable material: Crafted from high-quality, freezer-safe materials, these ice cube trays are built to last, resisting cracking and brittleness even at extremely low temperatures.
  • Easy release: Say goodbye to struggling with your ice tray. The Ice Cube Tray features a flexible design that makes removing ice cubes hassle-free.
  • Stackable design: Maximize your freezer space. The trays' stackable design allows you to prepare multiple batches of ice without clutter.
  • Perfect for recovery tubs: These ice cube trays are specifically designed to complement your Coldspring Recovery Tub, enhancing your cold plunge experience with ease and convenience.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to optimize recovery or seeking a refreshing way to unwind after a long day, the ice cube trays are your solution for maintaining the perfect ice bath temperature. Prepare to transform your routine and embrace the invigorating effects of cold therapy with Coldspring.

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